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​Receipt Printers for Square – Top 3 Printer Models

​Receipt printers have actually become fundamental with the innovation of payments. The trend of merely sending out receipts using phone has actually been expanding much faster than ever however nothing beats having an actual printer to create a physical receipt and commend a consumer.

When it comes to the way your service is viewed by your clientele, this practice makes a huge difference. If you can ensure you can provide them a published receipt, there are many individuals who 'd just make an acquisition in your establishment.

If your service utilizes Square Payments, which is among the best card-and-payment processors and also POS platforms readily available, you'll want a suitable printer to go along with your hardware.

​Which Type of Printer to Buy

​There are different kinds of receipt printers that you can select to purchase, according to what you need. One of the most preferred types of printers are either connected via Ethernet wires, USB or Bluetooth-- each of these have their own special attributes, and also you must purchase the another fit to your kind of service.

Bear in mind that you'll need to inspect whether your tools have Bluetooth or Ethernet connection prior to purchasing a printer. The Square POS operates in Android and Apple devices and also, because you'll more than likely be utilizing a tablet, examine the hardware to make sure it will connect properly.

​Ethernet Receipt Printers

​Ethernet printers are able to publish a lots of invoices and ticket orders. These types of printers aren't meant to be made use of while moving, so you'll require to have your equipment put in a fixed location if you mean to acquire one of these tools.

You must have your Square POS set up in a gadget with Ethernet cable television access. Look for a port in your gadget with the ability of suitable one of these cable televisions and also make certain the software application works with the invoice printer.

Every solitary Ethernet printer suitable with the Square software is based on thermal printing. You'll intend to purchase receipt paper capable of standing up to warm printing if you don't have any kind of. You might want to acquire a Bluetooth or usb printer instead if your company functions in a location with a heap of warmth going around the place.


​These kinds of printers will have the ability to create more receipts per min than their Bluetooth counterparts, as info is moved directly via wire. Bear in mind that every type of cable printer is likely to function faster than any type of wireless device.

​Bluetooth Receipt Printers

​Bluetooth receipt printers function instead gradually and also aren't indicated to be made use of in places that need continuous printing.

They might not be able to generate the very best outcomes when it pertains to publishing several points at the same time (like vouchers and also orders meant for the kitchen staff), which implies you may intend to use get one of these just if you mean to use your printer for a solitary objective. Some exceptions apply.


​The advantage regarding these printers is that you can carry them around your service and also put them any place you want, as they do not need wire link to be able to work appropriately.

Some of these gadgets can also be connected through Ethernet wire, however, that makes them more flexible. Typically, when connected through wire, they function more smoothly.

If your work-space is rather small as well as you do not have a lot of regular clients, you could desire to get one of these. They are really useful and can get things done reasonably promptly if you do not overwhelm the gadget with a lot of orders in a short span of time.

​Direct-to-Register (USB) Printer

​In many cases, you might run into some devices that can not be connected to an iPad or perhaps some that do not have Ethernet or Bluetooth connection. The majority of these are implied to be connected directly to the register. You'll normally locate that these tools are able to connect via USB.

​1. Best Receipt Printer for Square: Star Micronics TSP650II ​

​This Star Micronics product is licensed by Apple themselves, and also it's implied to be used as a desktop computer printer with Bluetooth connectivity. It's one of the fastest Bluetooth devices on the marketplace as well, that makes publishing a fairly rapid process even though the link isn't wired. This printer is primarily used by retail companies.

It likewise supplies an excellent construct: the item is made from stainless-steel and can stand up to a lot of uses without showing signs of damages. It's great if you intend to bring it around your organisation, as well as the Bluetooth signal is strong sufficient to not lose strength easily.

Viewing as it is a Bluetooth device, you'll wish to get this one if you own a food truck or any tiny food solution venue.

This printer functions best if your Square solution is making use of the main Square Register. This product is compatible with it and must have no problems operating with its system on any type of level.


​It can be made use of to publish kitchen tickets in any kind of food establishment and also it will certainly finish the job as swiftly as you can want with a Bluetooth gadget. It provides a solid battery life which does not run too soon. This printer will print any sort of food service-related coupons that you need, and it can also do it with your very own company's logo design If you want.


​Depending upon which gadget you make use of, though, the printer can disconnect from the Bluetooth network sometimes. We strongly suggest utilizing this printer with a device capable of dealing with solid Bluetooth load. There's additionally a small delay that might happen at times, given that this is a cordless tool, but it should still get the job done swiftly.

This is focused on small company proprietors. If you intend to connect the printer to more than one gadget, you won't have the ability to do it. It ought to just be made use of in small venues, or you'll require to buy greater than one printer to do the job.

​2. Best Receipt Printer for Square: Star MicronicsTSP143IIU

​As we've informed you, many receipt printers are based upon thermal technology, as well as the TSP143 isn't an exemption to this rule. This is a USB-based product which features a compatible cable, and its user interface won't operate in any other atmosphere. It's not indicated to be made use of as a Bluetooth printer.

You will not require to buy outside batteries if you utilize this device, as it features a power source and a wire with the ability of billing it if you connect it to an outcome.

You can not attach this gadget using Ethernet cable television and even via Bluetooth. It can be linked to the Square Register and the Square Stand by merely plugging it using USB right into the device of your choice.

It's likewise a wonderful item if you mean to connect it to a computer system-- it can publish a bunch of various types of files once you mount the software updates.

It appears like a straightforward tool, but it's in fact a really complicated gadget which looks ready and also expert to stand up to a lot of usages. It can publish anything you send out from your phone (if it has the Square application mounted, of course).

It can link very quickly to brand-new tools as well as takes little-to-no time in adjusting to them. You can plug it into any kind of various other item of hardware as well as all you'll require to do is wait a couple of secs if you disconnect it. It'll prepare to make use of then.

The gadget permits you to print several copies of a solitary transaction. This enables you to send one to the kitchen area, offer one more one to a client and also keep one more for management functions.

You can fix it really rapidly without having to resort to technical assistance if it jams. It's really easy to make use of as well as creates no problems to its owner.



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