Eventbrite Star Printer Troubleshooting

We’re now not going to take a better look at printing so i’m going to approach one other transaction I do have print tickets and receipts enabled so here is my shoppers receipt and here is the buyers ticket to get into the event when you have hindrance getting your printer to connect with your iPad one of the first things that you need to verify is to make certain that printing is enabled inside the app and that the star printer it reads as connected right here if it doesn’t exhibit that method the first thing that you need to determine is to ensure that your famous person printer is securely linked to the router if that’s the case you want to be certain subsequent one to ensure that your iPad is attached to the network that the printer is connected to if that also just isn’t resolving the dilemma what you can want to do is vigour cycle the printer so what that suggests is you’ll be able to turn the printer off for 30 seconds after which you’ll flip the printer again on you’ll then go back into printing and make sure that the big name printer is appearing under the record and try reconnecting to that superstar printer lastly if none of those choices are working or resolving the challenge what you’ll be able to wish to do is tap the I icon next to this hit disconnect you’re going to disable printing you can then drive give up the app i will omit the network then i will rejoin the community i am also going to show off the printer for 30 seconds after which i’m going to turn it again on once it can be been on i go to return into organizer app i’ll go to Settings basic then printing i will allow printing and then you will have to see your star printer there tap the I icon to be certain that you’re printing tickets and receipts then you can also do experiment print to be certain it can be connected if at any time you are using the organizer app and also you become aware of that it any unusual behavior what you’ll be able to need to do is force quit the app so you’re going to double faucet the home key until you see the preview of all of the apps you are going to use your finger to swipe up then faucet the monitor and re select organizer app

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