EPSON ​​TM-M10 ​Receipt ​Printers

Today we'll be examining the M series of printers from Epson. This is the TM-M30 as well as the TM-M10 receipt printers. They're both thermal invoice printers, they're similar form aspect where they're very square. This is the 3-inch version, this is the 2-inch variation. By 3-inch version, this means is a conventional invoice printer of 3 inch width, as well as this makes use of a 2 inch, smaller invoice paper.

They're both top load or front load, this is set into front-load variation, this is embeded in to top-load variation. They publish at an affordable price, this is an 8-inch per 2nd, and also this is a 6-inch per secondly. The 8-inch per second is the same as the existing model TM-T20II variation, so it's the same print rate, it's just a lot more small kind aspect. These printers aesthetically match up really well with a mobile sort of established. So if you're utilizing an iPad, a Surface tablet, you have a small stand and you're utilizing an extremely portable set-up with a very tiny cash cabinet, after that these are sort of designed to satisfy that look, and are extremely space-saving. The LED lights are also altered from like a conventional eco-friendly to being a radiant blue, so much more contemporary looking receipt printers than you see traditionally. Interface-wise, these both have USB. They're additionally offered with Bluetooth or Ethernet, and then NFC is also in a readily available connection, at the very least coming quickly to them. The M10 as well as M30 are extremely similar kind elements, this is readied to top load, this is readied to front load.​

​In the top load variation, your cover opens, your paper just drops in. The printer can also be converted to the front load version. In the front load, your paper drops in like so. To adjust to front load and also top load, you take both covers off, and after that you switch it. One of the sides has little rubber feet, so if you relocate that. And after that you replace the second cover, currently you're in a top load version. Status lights on the printer are offered in this bar at the top. When the cover is open, you'll get a warning, when it's out of paper you'll obtain a flashing warning telling you you're out of paper, so really handy, and afterwards there's a little icon that kind of tells you what the different mistakes imply. The M30 prints at a good 8 inches per second. The M10 prints at a somewhat slower but still great 6 inches per second. So in the plan of "would we get these printers?" it comes down to would certainly we buy these instead of various other Epson printers? I would most likely suggest the T20II one of the most out of all the printers, I think for the price as well as attributes and warranty, the T20II is your best bet.

If you are stressed over room though, have a look at the M collection, especially the M10, it's really extremely small compared to older receipt printers. The styling on both of these are better than the T20II. If you're seeking simply pure efficiency, pure dependability, pure speed, the T88V is still your best choice. To ensure that's kind of the Epson introduction of all their printers. Great printers, most likely right now not their ideal printers, yet they are area saving choices, and also there are some special pairing capabilities, so if you're on a tablet or something like that and you don't have a USB port, after that have a look and also see if an appropriate interface is offered for you.

ConnectionManufacturerModelSquare StandiPadiPhoneAndroid
BluetoothEpsonTM-m10 BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T20II BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T88V (Bluetooth)YesYesYesNo
EthernetEpsonTM-m10 EthernetYesYesYesNo
USBEpsonTM-m10 USBYesNoNoNo

Square Compatible Printers

  • Star TSP100 ECO – TSP143UII GRY US
  • Star TSP100 – TSP113U with Tear Bar
  • Star TSP143U with Auto Cutter
  • Star TSP650II – TSP654IIE3
  • Star SP700 – SP712MU with Tear Bar or Star SP742MU with Auto Cutter

What devices are compatible with Square?

There are Bluetooth alternatives, USB alternatives, Ethernet choices, influence, so depending on your needs, there's probably a Celebrity printer that's mosting likely to fit it. Your a lot of fundamental version is the TSP100, this is the initial in USB. USB only collaborates with the Sԛuare Stand, so if you're going to utilize it outside of the stand, you're mosting likely to require an Ethernet version of it.

​​How do I connect my printer to Square?

Ensure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Link one end of the Ethernet cable into Ethernet port. This is in the back of the printer, and plug the other end directly into the Wireless router.

After verifying these two connections, turn on the printer.

The printer will show a solid green LED light on the front panel. This indicates the printer has connectivity and is able to obtain an IP address from the Wireless router.

Make sure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Be sure the printer and the iPad are linked to the very same network. To confirm this or alter your Wi-Fi network, go to the iPad's Settings and tap "Wi-Fi" situated in the left sidebar. Then pick the network that the router is relaying and click "Connect".

Exit the Settings.

Click the Square Application and open it up.

In the Square App, tap on the Admin Panel tab on the left side of the screen.
Click on "Settings" and then click on "Receipt" to see all the printers on the network.

It will show either the name of your printer.
Click the toggle button to the ON setting.

Then tap "Print Test Receipt" to make sure the printer is completely practical.

As Soon As the Print Test Receipt has printed you have successfully setup your printer with Square.