​​EPSON TM-U220 Kitchen Printer Reviews

​Today we're doing an in-depth take a look at the Epson TM-U220 receipt printer. This is additionally called our most popular kitchen area printer. Largely its utilized in restaurants in the kitchen area, because of its capability to print two shades on a receipt, as well as to likewise print a receipt that is not mosting likely to be influenced by warmth. Normal thermal paper responds to warmth, so it transforms black if its put near a warm resource, where influence invoices do not do that. Furthermore, the two color choice on it permits particular components of a cooking area ticket to be highlighted, if you intend to put a temperature on a meat or there's some type of modifier, after that depending upon your point of sale software that you're making use of, it can highlight those features, so it makes it very valuable for a kitchen printer where a thermal printer would not be as excellent. For publishing pure receipts, a thermal printer typically is chosen, the effect printer is just a little slower as well as a little louder than a thermal printer.

​The TM-U220, like most effect invoice printers, uses ribbon in order to print. So having a look at the inside, your ink cartridge goes right there, that's for your bow, and your paper drops in like regular, and also it's a clamshell, you close everything up. And then you publish. So you can see that it can print in various size fonts, it can publish in black and red, it can vibrant specific sections, and also it can do some simple graphics, not virtually in addition to a thermal printer, so it can publish a receipt, but it is limited contrasted to a thermal printer, the two colors behaves as well as really beneficial in a kitchen area.

Restaurants usually utilize a combination of both impact and also thermal printers. When they print at the exact same time, you can see the evident distinction in rate. So the influence printer prints much slower than the really fast thermal printer. The benefit it has however is when it has to do with heat. So this is a basic hair clothes dryer, you can see with thermal paper it turns black. So that's why you do not intend to use it in your kitchen area, since this is what your kitchen area personnel is mosting likely to have to collaborate with, versus an influence where it doesn't have the exact same sort of problems. You can clearly see the black and red on it. This is the most popular version of the Epson U220 that we have, this utilizes an autocutter and that's most definitely what's advised for a cooking area. It primarily can publish off multiple orders and then it leaves a bit of a stub on it that you can simply kind of pull off. If you publish multiple kitchen area tickets, after that it's extremely simple to separate the tickets, you don't need to stress over whether you combine 2 tickets right into one.

​The autocutter version is most definitely suggested. In addition, this uses an Ethernet user interface. On the back of the printer, you can see the user interface card, and so there's a place for both USB and Ethernet. Ethernet often tends to be the most prominent when it comes to cooking area printers due to the fact that it can run the lengthiest size. So you can put the printer almost throughout the kitchen and then you just run a really slim Ethernet wire over to where the printer is, so more versatility on it, most definitely opt for the autocutter as well as definitely select the Ethernet/USB mix. The Epson U220B is one of the most prominent kitchen area printer that we have.

​Mainly due to the fact that it's the most suitable printer that we have. Mostly all the Windows-based dining establishment software use the Epson U220 as their default kitchen printer. So check with your software, always make sure that it's compatible, yet 9 breaks of 10, this is the printer that collaborates with the different restaurant software. The Ethernet variation is once again advised since you can have one of the most versatility on where you position it. Ethernet cables very easy to run, simple to move. Autocutter is a lifesaver, so just make sure you obtain that attribute, your kitchen area is not mosting likely to wish to handle having to tear tickets off or have 2 orders combined on a solitary notepad, that's just a good way to screw up your kitchen. In addition, this can be found in either a dark grey shade or a white. The dark grey often tends to stay a little cleaner longer, yet the white is also a nice color if you desire even more of a traditional view it. If you do want to print receipts, it has a port for connecting a money cabinet on it, so you can kick a money cabinet open with this printer, however overall I would certainly get a thermal printer for receipts as well as keep this in the cooking area.

​The noise on it is additionally great for a cooking area due to the fact that it allows them understand when the order is printing. It's extremely easy to hear it printing, so if they're doing prep or they're far from the line, you can listen to the printer printing as well as they know an order is up. So the noise is really kind of valuable for that. In a receipt establishing though, it's not the greatest, so I would probably steer clear of from this as an invoice printer, unless for some reason your receipts are going to be subjected to warm, if that's the situation, then an influence printer is much better. As far as usage for the Epson U220 as an invoice printer, outside of using it as a cooking area printer, you may see it in a flight terminal, where it's fairly loud and they also do not want to stock two types of papers, so they'll simply use an Epson U220 for both invoices and kitchen.

Furthermore, locations like bowling lane, video clip galleries, where there's a great deal of ambient sound as well as they don't necessarily need good receipts or invoices with barcodes, then you may see the Epson U220 used there also. The bows are offered in solid black, and afterwards a black/red. You'll require the black/red if you want to do 2 color printing. If you're going to publish in just straight black, then you can opt for the basic black ribbon. It is constant ribbon, which indicates the bow isn't going to run out in the center of procedures, yet in time it obtains lighter, due to the fact that the bow will keep rotating around in a circle and it will keep utilizing the ink on it and afterwards eventually obtains also light to review, so you'll wish to replace the ribbon.

ConnectionManufacturerModelSquare StandiPadiPhoneAndroid
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP143IIIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP654IIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-m10 BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T20II BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T88V (Bluetooth)YesYesYesNo
EthernetStar MicronicsTSP143IIILANYesYesYesYes
EthernetStar MicronicsTSP654LYesYesYesNo
EthernetEpsonTM-m10 EthernetYesYesYesNo
USBStar MicronicsTSP143IIIUYesNoNoYes
USBStar MicronicsTSP654IIUYesNoNoYes
USBEpsonTM-m10 USBYesNoNoNo
WiFiStar MicronicsTSP143IIIWYesYesYesYes