​EPSON TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer Review​

​The Epson TM-T88V thermal receipt printer is greater than likely among the most popular thermal receipt printers ever before sold. This is (as the name suggests) the Epson TM-T88V ... this is the 5th generation of the TM-T88 collection invoice printers. The TM-T88 series receipt printer has been on the marketplace for several years now, so it is retail set, and it has likewise proven its reliability as well as value throughout the years. Currently, as I discussed previously, this is a thermal receipt printer and what we'll do is we'll turn it around to the front right here.

It includes a vehicle cutter as well as these are your feed button, paper light and error light right below on the side, and this is the switch to open the paper compartment. Turn around right here ... and afterwards on the back with this one this is a Serial and also USB link. This is your Serial port/ RS232 and afterwards below is your USB in the corner. This is your power.

You can additionally obtain this with the Parallel and Ethernet, however they all include the USB no matter as requirement. And this right here ... I intended to show you this ... this is the power brick that features the printer. This is an exterior power supply as you can see. This is the component number, PS-180, easily readily available from POSCatch.com if you must ever before need to buy an additional power replacement block. This is offered from us, like I claimed, at a nominal cost, and also this is the cable that goes into any kind of power outlet. OK, so what we're going to do here is we're simply going to reveal you ... when you press the switch on the leading the invoice printer opens up thus ... bring this a bit better for you so you can see, and afterwards this is the roller right here where the paper appears. As well as it's pretty basic really ... you just pop your paper as well as in; this is thermal invoice paper by the way, you simply placed it like, have paper somewhat out, and also shut it, and then that's it.

So quite very easy to pack your paper. For the speed of this printer ... this is among the fastest thermal receipt printers on the market today. It prints at 300 millimeters a second print rate, OK, extremely quick indeed. And afterwards what we're mosting likely to do here is we're going to turn it off; this is the power switch. By the way, this is Energy Star suitable, so this thermal receipt printer will save you cash in time. We're just mosting likely to do a quick print examination on this so you can see how fast this printer prints. Look at that extremely rapid certainly. That's 300 millimeters a 2nd print rate, and also as you can see it has the automobile cutter there; it just cuts the paper ...

The service warranty for this printer is 4 years, superior; most receipt printers don't even come close to that they're usually between 1 to 3 years ... extremely, extremely uncommon when you get 4 years. We very suggest this for high-volume printing. This would be for high-volume shops from mid to high volume ... particularly if you're publishing receipts up 2 feet or longer. This is the thermal receipt printer for you. We extremely advise this, once more, for a high-volume printing. If you're mosting likely to be printing extremely lengthy invoices or receipts that will have a great deal of information on it such as logo designs or coupons this is absolutely the one for you.

ConnectionManufacturerModelSquare StandiPadiPhoneAndroid
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP143IIIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP654IIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-m10 BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T20II BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T88V (Bluetooth)YesYesYesNo
EthernetStar MicronicsTSP143IIILANYesYesYesYes
EthernetStar MicronicsTSP654LYesYesYesNo
EthernetEpsonTM-m10 EthernetYesYesYesNo
USBStar MicronicsTSP143IIIUYesNoNoYes
USBStar MicronicsTSP654IIUYesNoNoYes
USBEpsonTM-m10 USBYesNoNoNo
WiFiStar MicronicsTSP143IIIWYesYesYesYes

​​How do I connect my printer to Square?

Ensure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Link one end of the Ethernet cable into Ethernet port. This is in the back of the printer, and plug the other end directly into the Wireless router.

After verifying these two connections, turn on the printer.

The printer will show a solid green LED light on the front panel. This indicates the printer has connectivity and is able to obtain an IP address from the Wireless router.

Make sure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Be sure the printer and the iPad are linked to the very same network. To confirm this or alter your Wi-Fi network, go to the iPad's Settings and tap "Wi-Fi" situated in the left sidebar. Then pick the network that the router is relaying and click "Connect".

Exit the Settings.

Click the Square Application and open it up.

In the Square App, tap on the Admin Panel tab on the left side of the screen.
Click on "Settings" and then click on "Receipt" to see all the printers on the network.

It will show either the name of your printer.
Click the toggle button to the ON setting.

Then tap "Print Test Receipt" to make sure the printer is completely practical.

As Soon As the Print Test Receipt has printed you have successfully setup your printer with Square.