​​Bluetooth Receipt Printer Reviews

If you use Square Payments, you’ll require a Square receipt printer. This is certain. Your consumer can get an invoice on their phone. But a printed invoice makes you look much more expert. Additionally your clients will certainly feel far better concerning their purchase. If you’re a food vehicle or restaurant, you’ll desire an invoice printer for the client and likewise a method to print a ticket for the kitchen. For those quickly right here are 3 receipt printers to think about listed below. They are the Star Micronics SM-T300, Star Micronics TSP143 and also the Celebrity Micronics SM-S230i.

Square Compatible Printers

  • Star TSP100 ECO – TSP143UII GRY US
  • Star TSP100 – TSP113U with Tear Bar
  • Star TSP143U with Auto Cutter
  • Star TSP650II – TSP654IIE3
  • Star SP700 – SP712MU with Tear Bar or Star SP742MU with Auto Cutter

What devices are compatible with Square?

There are Bluetooth alternatives, USB alternatives, Ethernet choices, influence, so depending on your needs, there’s probably a Celebrity printer that’s mosting likely to fit it. Your a lot of fundamental version is the TSP100, this is the initial in USB. USB only collaborates with the Sԛuare Stand, so if you’re going to utilize it outside of the stand, you’re mosting likely to require an Ethernet version of it.

ConnectionManufacturerModelSquare StandiPad (no Square Stand)iPhoneAndroid
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP143IIIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothStar MicronicsTSP654IIBiYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-m10 BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T20II BluetoothYesYesYesNo
BluetoothEpsonTM-T88V (Bluetooth)YesYesYesNo

​​How do I connect my printer to Square?

Ensure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Link one end of the Ethernet cable into Ethernet port. This is in the back of the printer, and plug the other end directly into the Wireless router.

After verifying these two connections, turn on the printer.

The printer will show a solid green LED light on the front panel. This indicates the printer has connectivity and is able to obtain an IP address from the Wireless router.

Make sure that the printer is plugged into its electrical source.

Be sure the printer and the iPad are linked to the very same network. To confirm this or alter your Wi-Fi network, go to the iPad’s Settings and tap “Wi-Fi” situated in the left sidebar. Then pick the network that the router is relaying and click “Connect”.

Exit the Settings.

Click the Square Application and open it up.

In the Square App, tap on the Admin Panel tab on the left side of the screen.Click on “Settings” and then click on “Receipt” to see all the printers on the network.

It will show either the name of your printer.Click the toggle button to the ON setting.

Then tap “Print Test Receipt” to make sure the printer is completely practical.

As Soon As the Print Test Receipt has printed you have successfully setup your printer with Square.