​What printers are compatible with Square?

If you use Square Payments, you’ll require a Square receipt printer. Certain. Your consumer can get an invoice on their phone. But a printed invoice makes you look much more expert. Additionally your clients will certainly feel far better concerning their purchase. If you’re a food vehicle or restaurant, you’ll desire an invoice printer for the client and likewise a method to print a ticket for the kitchen. For those quickly right here are 3 receipt printers to think about listed below. They are the Star Micronics SM-T300, Star Micronics TSP143 and also the Celebrity Micronics SM-S230i.

What receipt printers work with square?

  • Star TSP100 ECO – TSP143UII GRY US
  • Star TSP100 – TSP113U with Tear Bar
  • Star TSP143U with Auto Cutter
  • Star TSP650II – TSP654IIE3
  • Star SP700 – SP712MU with Tear Bar or Star SP742MU with Auto Cutter
Device NameConnectionWeightWorks WithPaper Type 
Star Micronics TSP143IIILANEthernet interface3.7 poundsSquare and other providersThermal receipt
STAR MICRONICS TSP654IIBIBluetooth connection​3.8 poundsSquare and other providersThermal receipt
STAR MICRONICS SP742MLEthernet (LAN) interface7 poundsSquare and other providersImpact Printer for Kitchens
STAR MICRONICS SM-S230IUSB7.7 ouncesSquare and other providersThermal receipt
STAR MICRONICS SM-T300IUSB2.5 poundsSquare and other providersThermal receipt
Epson TM-T20IIUSB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet6 poundsSquare and other providersThermal receipt
Epson TM-M10USB and Ethernet2 poundsSquare and other providersThermal receipt
Epson-TM-T220Ethernet5 poundsSquare and other providersDot Matrix for Kitchens

What devices are compatible with Square?

There are Bluetooth alternatives, USB alternatives, Ethernet choices, influence, so depending on your needs, there’s probablya Celebrity printer that’s mosting likely to fit it. Your a lot of fundamental version is the TSP100, this is the initial in USB. USB only collaborates with the Sԛuare Stand, so if you’re going to utilize it outside of the stand, you’re mosting likely to require an Ethernet version of it. Configuring it is extremely similar, when you plug it in Square, you’ll see a notificationthat the stand is linked which the printer is linked. So there’s your printer linked, you’ll see the printer noted here. You choose it, and then you primarily inform it when you want it to print, whether youwant it with receipts or you desire it with tickets, etc, as well as you can publish an examination web page from it. The TSP100ECO is similar to the 100, yet it utilizes less power, as well as additionally there is no power switch. If you look at the front, there’s a feed button, yet there’s no power switch. The manner in which it recognizes to turn on is with the USB port, so you have to have power tothe printer obviously, yet after that when the USB is connected in, then the printer will turnon, so if I separate it, you’ll see the power goes out, the stand likewise loses connectionand it doesn’t see the printer. As soon as you connect it back in, after that the printer will certainly activate and afterwards it’ll reconnect to theprinter on it. The speed on it is somewhat faster than the 100, not incredibly faster. So they’re 2 similar printers, this makes use of much less power and also is a little cheaperthan the TSP100III. So the 100III is similar size to the 100, 100ECO, however it’s faster as well as it additionally has moreconnectivity choices. The rate on it, you’ll see is much faster than the other printers, it’s practically doublein rate. So this is most likely our most recommended model out of it, just because of the flexibility on it.

​​How do I connect my printer to Square?